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The alternator clutch pulley is also referred to as the overrunning alternator pulley. This device is used to smoothen out the irregularities when it comes to the driving speed of your car. The OAP contains the pulley and a clutch unit that is double bearing to provide extra support. It also has sealing rings (two)  the inner and outer ring. The alternator clutch pulley also helps in protecting the car when there is a heavy impact and even contamination of dirt in the car. The OAP has a pulley with the correct size to fit into the V belt.


Using an alternator clutch pulley has different advantages. These include reducing the force peaking in the belt drive; it also minimizes the vibrations of the belts; reduces the movement of the tensioners; which help increase the fan belts life. It also lessens the strain when the engine starts and stops within the engine’s overall system and helps reduce the noise in the fan belt drive.  It also helps in reduction of force into the engine’s overall system which leads to reduction in the formation of CO2. Problems concerning the OAP can lead to problems in the belts and eventually friction in the car’s engine which  could cause further damage and problems.

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