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The fan belt tensioner is another essential part in the drive belt kit as it helps the engine to function smoothly. If the fan belts are properly tensioned this avoids certain problems from happening such as unlikely engine noise, vibrations and friction amongst engine parts which can cause overheating and damage to other equipment. Remember that the drive belt connects the accessory pumps, engines and crankshaft etc to work cohesively as one unit.


The fan belt tensioner is an expensive part within automobiles so it is important to check it often and check if it needs replacement. Having a routine checkup of the fan belt tensioner should include looking for cracks. Take note that some cars have one or two belt systems. Use a torch to see through the belt and the fan belt tensioner and check if there are frayed sections as well as cracks. One way to see if it needs replacement is if it appears to be glossy or shiny. You can also slide your hands into the belt and feel for cracks on the belt. To see if the fan belt tensioner is also working, you can push the belt down and see if it deflects back or not. If the belt does not deflect, it means that the tensioner is not holding the belt together to a suitable tightness.

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