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The torsion vibration damper is a shaft that helps in the power transmission where it uses the rotating shaft to control the power transmission. The torsion vibration damper helps to smoothen out the engine to help in having a constant speed with the help of torque. This torsion damper is mainly associated with the function of the crankshafts which are in responsible for the up and down movement of the pistons within your automobile.


The torsion vibration damper affects the crankshaft through various principles. One is that there is an alternating torque that is generated through a mechanism called the slider-crank where the crankshaft is connected to the rod and the piston. Another principle is that if the engine has a lot of cylinders, the crankshaft will then last for a long time along with the torsion vibration damper. Ultimately, there is only little damping in the crankshaft to help in reduction of vibration within the damper. If there are problems with the torsion vibration damper then there will also be problems with the crankshaft and this will eventually lead to more serious problems if left untouched. Most problems recorded when it comes to the torsional damper are the dampers located in the crankshaft’s front nose.

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