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Needing good grips? That’s what a Brake Caliper is all about. It applies the pressure on brake pads that grips the spinning brake discs and stops the vehicle. The Brake Hose normally lasts as long as six years. Nevertheless, check the hose regularly because crack and leaks as this leads to a drop in pressure. Which means your vehicle won’t be able to stop right away


At the centre of the Brake Hydraulic system is the Brake Master Cylinder. This cylinder moves the brakes to stop. A slight problem in the cylinder manifests in your vehicle’s stopping performance right away. This calls for the need to have the cylinder replaced. If you need to boost your braking power buy a Brake Servo. The servo gives additional pressure when braking.


In a drum brake system, a Wheel Cylinder is of utmost importance. The cylinder is responsible in exerting extra force on the brake shoes as it come in contact with the drum to stop the vehicle. A perfectly functioning braking system is second to none when it comes to importance. Malfunctioning brakes could be disastrous to your safety  and you could put others in danger as well. For this reason, you must regularly check your car. This goes with the Brake Cable because even though these cables are built to last years, it is still subject to wear and tear.

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