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The brake servo is an essential part of the braking system. It works together with the brake booster. The booster uses the servo of the engine in order to calculate the force applied when the brake pedal was pressed and then this calculated force is transferred to the master cylinder which is converted into braking pressure


The servo is usually a metal canister which contains a valve and a diaphragm. It has a rod that goes through the middle of the canister. In this way, the rod connects the piston of the master cylinder and the linkage of the pedal.


The valve of the servo serves as a one-way passage which allows air to be released out of the booster. Once the engine is turned off, the valve prevents any air penetrating into the booster. This is also the function of the servo if a leak is detected. Without the servo a boost will never be applied which is essential for the driver to brake if the engine was ever to cease from functioning. This also ensures the vehicle will be able to use the braking system even if the gas runs out. Brake servos are available for most makes and models and can be ordered through us online.

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