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The wheel cylinder plays a vital role within a braking system that is powered by drum brakes. This is the most vital part of the system which serves as the stopping machine of drum brakes. A malfunctioning cylinder must be replaced immediately.


This cylinder is designed in the shape of a small round barrel that is attached with pistons in order to apply pressure. All pistons attached to this mechanism are connected into the brake shoe for efficient response when the pedal was pressed. Relatively, the cylinder itself is connected to the brake pedal which allows it to simultaneously function with its pistons.


Once the brake pedal is pressed the brake pipe transmits brake fluids towards the cylinder. This causes the cylinder to be filled with brake fluids and then the pistons will be forced to move further outwards which will trigger the brake shoe. The brake shoe will then be forced to make contact with the drum. This is how the braking system works when it is powered by a drum.


A high amount of pressure from the brake pedal is needed for more efficient braking of the vehicle. This is due to the fact that the cylinder is dependent upon the pressure given by the pedal. In any vehicle a wheel cylinder with a lot of pressure sensitivity is essential. We stock Wheel Cylinders for most makes and models of vehicle

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