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A brake light bulb is essential to ensure a good warning for other drivers on the road. Brake lights are used to warn the vehicle at the back about the upcoming stop or decrease in speed. Without a functioning bulb for a vehicle’s brake lights this can be dangerous and may lead to accidents.



Using the electricity coming from the car’s battery, the brake lights will function efficiently whenever the brake pedal is pressed. This is due to the circuit’s design of the brake lights. The brake light circuit is connected by wires from the car’s battery to the fuse block. Then, the fuse block is connected to the brake light switch which is directly connected to the bulbs. Most often the wires connecting this circuit are combined within the wiring harness that is used by the entire car.



The brake light switch is connected with a plug which has its own wiring. This wiring sends electric current from the battery up to the bulbs. The brake pedal acts as a switch for the current to flow within the power cables. An accurate connection within the circuit is necessary to avoid any wiring issues. If any issues on brake lights cannot be found within the circuit, then, a brake light bulb replacement is necessary.

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