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The fog light bulb plays an essential role when foggy weather conditions occur and visibility is limited.  Commonly fog lights can be found just below the vehicle’s headlights. Most of the designs are in the shape of a bar that produces wide light beams having a sharp cut-off on its top or in some cases fog lights can be shaped round.


Typically, bulbs for fog lights are installed in a mounted position and aimed at lower angle compared to the headlights. They usually emit either a yellow or white color beam


The bulbs used in these lights are designed to be more efficient when the vehicle is running slowly. The bulbs produce a brighter light in order for the driver to see the road clearly even in  bad weather conditions. The bulbs assist in providing a clearer view of the road even with the following weather conditions; dusty, rainy, snowy, and foggy.


Such bulbs have the capability to cut the glare-back produced by the falling snow or fog providing a clearer view for drivers when switched on. It is very important to ensure that the bulbs are properly working to ensure no difficulties arise in adverse weather conditions. We stock Fog Light bulbs for all makes and models which can be ordered online.

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