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The head light bulb is an important part of the car to ensure safe driving in the dark. Modern day cars use a variety of bulbs to light up the road ahead


The most common type that is used worldwide is the incandescent bulb. The incandescent uses a tungsten filament technology that has been available for many years. Once the switch for the head light is activated, a current of electricity heats the filament and this transforms into light. Over time and prolonged use the filament will evaporate and so this is when the headlights will need to be replaced.  Normally the thicker the filament is the longer it can be used.



Some people choose thinner filaments since it provides brighter light compared to thick filaments. An example of a thin filament is halogen. Some drivers prefer this kind of head light since it provides brighter and white light during night driving conditions. As well as providing a   bright light it also regenerates the filament that is evaporating. This kind of bulb is well designed for an efficient and long-lasting usage. A variety of head light bulbs can be purchased online from us for most makes and models of car when the time comes to replace your car parts and accessories.

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