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Tail light bulbs must be maintained in order to ensure good communication and order with other road traffic. Tail lights ensure visibility for other drivers on the road of your car and its movements.



Generally, tail lights serve as a lighting system that is typically mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The lights are usually in a pair. Tail lights nowadays consist of various lights that have their own unique and distinct functions within the lighting system



Tail lights are made up of the signal lights which indicate the direction where the vehicle will turn. As a universal standard, the color for this light is yellow which are also switched on to signal emergency or hazardous situations.


Tail lights also consist of the reverse light which indicates an upcoming reversal of your vehicle. These lights are the brightest since they are intended to illuminate the road behind the vehicles while backing up. These lights are triggered automatically whenever the transmission is set in reverse gear.



The final tail light bulb is the brake light which indicates an upcoming stop or decrease in speed. These lights are triggered whenever the brake pedal is pressed. Hence, giving a signal to the following vehicle to slow down or stop. If any of these tail light bulbs are not functioning correctly they must be replaced immediately.

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