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Why is an expansion tank important? As heat and pressure builds up in your car’s cooling system, the expansion tank checks overflow and acts as a container to catch and hold the water or coolant mix in the radiator.


Coolants run through the water jackets. However as your car engine revs the temperature of the coolant increases too. This in turn increases the pressure in your vehicle’s cooling system. To avoid overheating, the radiator cap has been designed to let pressure escape through an overflow hose. Pressure passes through the coolant container and is forced towards the expansion tank. The coolant then returns to the radiator after a few hours once its temperature has lowered back down or when the engine has gone cold because it has stopped running.


It is dangerous if your expansion tank is defective since there will be no container to hold the pressure in. This will cause your cooling system to explode. Additionally, without an expansion tank, the coolant will just leak down the road because nothing will hold it as it is forced from the overflow hose.


You should start to suspect that your expansion tank may be defective if you need to replace the coolant a little too often than its regular schedule.


We stock Expansion tanks for most makes and models of vehicle which can be purchased online via this website. We offer nationwide delivery of all our parts and most often next day if purchased before our cut off time.


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