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The Radiator is an important part of the car’s engine but just as important is the radiator fan. It helps maintain a cool radiator to avoid overheating where it can cause problems. Since it basically maintains a cool temperature in engines, it helps pull in cooler air into the motor so that the water pumps circulate the fluid in the radiator well and eventually turn the pulley for air conditioning functions.


There are 2 types of radiator fan that you can choose from. One is the electric radiator which is commonly used in most cars. This is reliable with the car’s horsepower from the engine for it to function. This makes your engine work twice as harder than the normal. The other one is the fan and clutch type. You need to attach its hub to the engine block for it to work. It spins with the pulley system so that you can get it from going. Through this type, the air is pulled from the engine itself and then cools the engine and radiator down. In order to diagnose a problem with the radiator fan and whether it should be fixed raise the engine and also increase the temperature of the air conditioning unit. If it is not working properly then you should suspect that the radiator fan is broken or has a problem that needs to be fixed or changed.

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