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The cooling and heating systems of your vehicle are very important in order to keep your engine running perfectly. These systems regulate and maintain the car temperature. Among the central element of the cooling system is the thermostat. A thermostat is a cooling valve that works to control the engine temperature and maintain it so that it stays at a safe level at all times.


This cooling valve can be found between the engine and the radiator. Thermostats keep the engine warm and at the same time regulate the coolant to maintain its coolness. The thermostat is very important in maintaining engine efficiency. It ensures the engine is at a safe temperature and at the same time cools it down efficiently. A well-maintained thermostat also reduces corrosion, harmful deposits, and toxic emissions within your engine.


You may notice there is something wrong with your thermostat when you see the gauge of your engine temperature rising unusually high especially when you are stationary for long periods with your engine running. If you notice this you should have your thermostat checked, as it may need repair or replacing. We stock thermostats for most makes and models of vehicle which can be ordered on this site.

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