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The Water pump is another essential part in vehicle engines because it sends water or fluid on the outside by using a centrifugal force. Along with the pump is a belt that connects the crankshaft. The water then circulates into the chamber when the engine is in use. The flow of how the fluid leaves the pump states in an engine block. Then it will go through the cylinder head and then eventually to the radiator. It then goes back to the pump and the process is repeated over and over again.


Like other engine parts, the water pump also needs to be maintained and you can always check if there is a requirement for it to be changed. There are a number of ways on how to check if the water pump is working or needs replacement. First, is putting a white paper under the car at night and checking it in the morning to see if the paper becomes wet. This means the water pump is leaking and should be changed. Another tip is to open the bonnet of the car and check for looseness or “play” around the water pump. It should not “give” when you try to rock the water pump. You may also notice the pump producing a low pitched grinding sound which is also another indication

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