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Car engines produce massive amounts of energy. The Radiator Fan Switch plays a very important role in maintaining appropriate engine temperature at all times. Keeping the right temperature is critical not only in the engine’s performance but in the car’s life as well. A radiator fan switch actually acts as a sensor.  When the coolant heats to a high temperature the switch signals the fan to power on. Similarly, the radiator fan switch also signals the fan to stop when the ideal engine temperature has been reached.


This constant loop goes on for as long as the engine is running. Seeing a temperature warning or worse, seeing steam being released from the bonnet is a not ideally what you want to be seeing. Weather in the summer months also doesn’t help. In fact, the hotter the day gets, the more likely your car will overheat especially if the cooling system is not properly maintained. A regular radiator fan switch check can spell the difference between a perfectly functioning engine and overheating. It is important that this vital temperature regulating switch be replaced immediately if upon checking it is found to be defective. 

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