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Internal combustion engines have two types of valves: inlet valves, responsible for allowing entry of fresh gases into the cylinder and the exhaust valves, which in turn allow the exit of the burnt gases to the outside. Both run through a drive mechanism coupled to the engine crankshaft through a gear, a chain or a toothed belt, which ensures the proper synchronism between the movement of the piston and the opening and closing of valves. This gear is in turn coupled at one end to a shaft with cams called the camshaft.


The camshaft in a cam exists for each valve, it actuates a plunger or pushes at the end of which supports the valve, so that when you turn it pushes and opens the valve, a recoil spring takes care of closing the valve "following" the profile of the cam. It is worth mentioning that the four-stroke engine, the camshaft rotates half the crankshaft turns because the duty cycle is completed for every two turns of this. Note that the valve body is shaped like a mushroom, with a long stem and a short diameter that terminates in a pan of much greater diameter than the rod is coupled by a transition cone.

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