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The piston is known as the heart of the engine because it basically performs a pumping motion which in turn drives the engine. It is made of a round and flat or convex shaped top and modern day ones are made of aluminum. The piston has a pumping motion in the cylinder to help the engine function. A normal car would have about 4 to 6 pistons while in Formula one cars it can be as many as 12.


The piston works in 4 strokes which involves 2 revolutions. In the first revolution, the piston moves down for the induction stroke. In this process there is a fuel or air intake into the engine where the inlet valve opens up and the exhaust closes. The fuel and air mixes into the cylinder with the help of a fuel injection system.  Both valves are then closed to compress the air and fuel inside the cylinder.  When this happens the heat will then vaporize the gas mixture. The second revolution of the piston involves combustion or exhaustion of the used gas from the engine. This involves the power stroke and the exhaust stroke and in this phase the compressed gas is sparked by the spark plug and it is then pushed to the combustion tube to expel the gas

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