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The sump plugs are located directly underneath the engine block which functions as a “catch basin” for the engine’s oil which is pumped and used within the engine. This is a reservoir of oil which can be used for the engine operation and lubrication for the moving parts of the engine. Oil pumps are fitted in the engine which then vacuum or pull the oil in the sump plugs sending oil to the car’s tank to help lubricate the engine while it is running.


Since the sump plugs are located below the engine, these can be easily damaged especially when rocks and certain debris hit the sump plugs. This may then cause leakage and should be replaced with a new sump plug. In today’s market there are dry sump plugs which are considered advantageous over the wet plugs. This is because the dry ones don’t have a sump pan on the lower part of the engine to catch the oil which will then be difficult to hold in the long run because of gravity. They also have a bigger capacity similar to the wet sump plug and this ensures there is no more pooling off of oil on one side when the car is suddenly accelerated, turned or when there is a sudden braking movement.

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