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The timing belt tensioner is  essential for the efficiency of the timing belt. Without the tensioner, the timing belt may jump all over the engine, causing havoc towards all the engine parts. The tensioner must be maintained properly in order to ensure the longevity of the timing belt and other engine parts.


The purpose of the tensioner is to put pressure on the belt in order to prevent it from jumping off its position in the engine bay. It uses either a spring tension or  hydraulic pressure in order to add tension to the timing belt which ensures the camshaft and the crankshaft are accurately aligned. Similar to the timing belt, the tensioner has its own lifespan. Typically, both parts are suggested to be replaced when the vehicle has run beyond 60,000 miles. Ensure you keep on top of this and  the engine will remain efficient and long-lasting.


Once the tensioner fails, a grinding sound may become noticeable within the timing cover. As the tensioner fails so too will the timing belt. The belt may start to jump out of alignment which will decrease the engine’s synchronization and performance. We stock Timing Belt tensioners for most makes and models of vehicles which can be ordered online.

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