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The timing chain basically involves the timing chain which connects the camshaft to the crankshaft. These are responsible when it comes to opening or closing the valves of the engine. The timing chain kit is essential in order to have a smooth opening and closing of the valves. The timing chain then helps in opening and closing every revolution made in most four-stroke engines.



It is important that the timing and closing are in accurate intervals so that the engine can function correctly. If the timing chain kit does not synchronize properly then it may lead to friction and collision of the pistons and valves. It is important to check whether the timing chain kit is working correctly. Some of the most common indications include feeling of a rough idle or intermittent backfire in the intake manifold. You may also be able to tell that the timing chain kit needs to be replaced when the ignition timing is not consistent or there is a clattering noise that comes from the engine when attempting to start the car. In a worst case scenario the car may suddenly stop and the engine won’t restart. If you notice any of these instances as well as checking the cars battery be sure to check whether the timing chain kit needs to be replaced.

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