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Every car has an exhaust system that transports and eliminates the burnt fumes from the combustion of gases from the engine. The exhaust system is mostly extended to the rear or tail end of the vehicle attached to a long tube where the gases are emitted. A complete exhaust system should include catalytic Convertor, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Exhaust, Manifold, Exhaust Silencers and Exhaust Gaskets and Exhaust Rubbers.


The exhaust manifold is located at the upper end of the system. This is where the burned gases pass through in the first part of the whole exhaustion of gases.  This part can get very hot because it also burns the gases that are not thoroughly burned by the engine. The catalytic converter is also called as a muffler and this is another passage. This produces the muffling sound when gas is expelled in the system. The gases which do not get burned in the exhaust manifold are burnt by the catalytic converter. The exhaust pipes are made out of metal or aluminum and this is mainly a passage from the exhaust manifold into the tailpipe. And finally the tailpipe is the end point of the exhaust system where the burned gases are released at the rear end of the car into the atmosphere.

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