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In the past Diesel engines were often believed to be dirty sooty smoke belching machines, today however with the use of a diesel particulate filter the vast majority of soot produced by the combustion of diesel can be caught in the exhaust system before going out of the exhaust. They are made from a variety of different materials but the most popular is the Cordierite wall flow. These have the ability to be cleaned off when the engine is running at higher RPM such as when one is on a country road trip.


By running the Diesel particulate filter hot most of the accumulated soot will be burned away making it a simple and easy maintenance. For urban drivers who spend most of their time below 40 mph while weaving through traffic, it is highly suggested that every few months they take a road trip to burn away the built up soot. You will know if your diesel particulate filter is malfunctioning or full when black smoke is seen coming out of the exhaust on some occasions but mostly when a warning on the dashboard appears. We stock Diesel Particulate Filters for most makes and models of Vehicles which can be ordered online through this website.

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