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When you look at vehicles engineering the exhaust system is an important component especially when it comes to managing emissions. The central element to this system is the exhaust manifold. A manifold is a set of pipes attached to every cylinder which takes exhaust gases from the combustion system and delivers it to the exhaust system. A deficient exhaust structure means poor car performance.


Basically, this component is made of cast-iron material and functions mainly to funnel exhaust gas into an exact and precise location. The manifold is generally made to withstand wear if manufactured under the highest set of standards. When the manifold starts to produce a ticking sound while the engine is running, this means the part has developed a crack and should be replaced right away.


A car’s performance highly depends on the efficiency of its fuel system. The precise mixture of gas and air is critical in providing combustion power. In order to give your vehicles power and torque a tremendous boost use precisely engineered performance manifolds for your vehicle. A manifold of superior quality allows for better gas flow to and from the engine. We stock Manifold Exhaust System’s for most makes and models of vehicle which can be ordered online through this website.

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