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The Diesel Injection Pump is normally in the inlet valve of the engine. Upon receiving an electrical signal, it opens and lets the gas into the duct. The input line to the injector has a fixed pressure from the reservoir maintained by an electric pump assisted by a pressure regulator. The central processing unit determines consequently the throttle position of air entering the engine and signals emitted by a group of sensors that measure the factors that influence the formation of the mixture.


The key to the fuel injection is the central processing unit (CPU) or electronic control unit (ECU), which is a mini-computer whose output signal is an electrical pulse of certain duration. The main signal to the decision of the injector opening time is linked to the recipient of a butterfly, which is attached to the intake duct. Its axis is mounted in a variable electrical resistance and the throttle position is interpreted by the UPC. The exact time to start opening the Diesel Injection Pump comes from a position sensor mounted on the camshaft or distributor, which tells the UPC when to open the intake valves and therefore sucks the air that is carried over to inner cylinder gasoline injected into the intake duct.

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