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A fuel pump relay is an electronic switch that turns on the fuel pump when the ignition is turned to the start position; this primes the fuel line and fuel rail with the fuel it needs to start the vehicle. When the vehicle is running the fuel pump relay is off and the oil pressure relay takes over control for the powering of the fuel pump. They are relatively inexpensive and are usually found in the engine bay next to the other relays that the vehicle will have. When a fuel pump relay is malfunctioning starting of the engine may take longer, usually requiring more than one crank with the starter.


Without the fuel pump relay the oil pressure relay is what will trigger the fuel pump to switch on, which will take a few cranks from the starter to activate. Being able to start your car immediately is a very important safety feature to any car, although a vehicle can function without a fuel pump relay it is highly suggested that it is replaced when required as you may never know when you will need to start your car immediately. Relays don’t cost much and should always be properly maintained to assure that your car is always working at optimal performance.

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