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The fuel sender unit is a sensor found inside the fuel tank and it’s the device that sends the information to the cars fuel meter found on the dashboard. If you were to suddenly run out of fuel and the fuel indicator was still showing that there was fuel in the tank this means the fuel sender unit could be faulty. This is often due to certain particulate build ups that can occur in the fuel tank from dirty gasoline.


It is an important tool that all drivers should have access to. If you live in a rural setting and the daily drive is more than 50 miles, it is probably a good idea to get it fixed if it’s broken because not knowing how much fuel you have on a long journey could be dangerous. If your fuel gauge is highly inaccurate, for instance if the needle is still pointing at empty after filling up the tank, it’s probably time to have the fuel sender unit serviced or replaced, although fuel gauges are not meant to be 100% accurate, they should be able to give the driver an idea as to roughly how much fuel is remaining in the fuel tank.

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