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A fuel injector is a device found on the intake manifold attached to the fuel rail; its purpose is to inject the proper amount of fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine. Each cylinder has its own injector located near the cylinder head side of the intake manifold. The fuel injector is an electronically controlled solenoid valve that releases the necessary fuel to complete the combustion cycle. In modern cars this is done automatically in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which gauges the amount of fuel needed with some form of air sensor, the more air entering the intake the more fuel that is necessary to combust correctly. With the supplied information a signal is sent to the fuel injector to briefly open the valve allowing fuel to enter the combustion chamber.


The size of the orifice, the fuel pressure and the amount of time the valve is open controls how much fuel is being released to a precise degree. This is only true if the data the ECU is receiving is correct, and often a malfunction can occur due to fouled fuel injectors. The typical symptom of a set of dirty fuel injectors is a spluttering or even jerky motion that your car may suddenly make when at a higher RPM. This is due to the lack of fuel forcing the engine to run lean, which is also dangerous for the engine due to the increased heat and possible backfiring that may occur.

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