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Although a petrol cap may seem like a minor accessory, when you lose your petrol cap the possibility of damaging your car’s paint is more likely especially if you have recently topped up the tank.  When you misplace your petrol cap it is necessary to buy a replacement as soon as possible because not having one to cover the petrol tank could pose many risks.  Firstly the petrol in your tank will tend to evaporate.  Damage to the paint can also occur if the petrol finds its way out of the tank onto the body from going fast around a corner for example.  Lastly there is the concern that your car could be more susceptible to accidental explosion or ignition. 


When buying a petrol cap it is necessary for you to know the make and model of your car, as all vehicles caps screw on may be threaded different depending on the make and model.  There are often many different designs for you to choose from.  When selecting a new petrol cap it is suggested that you find a click stop style cap that prevents you from over tightening it. We stock Petrol Caps for most makes and models of Vehicle which can be ordered through this website or purchased.

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