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The mechanical oil seal located between the crankshaft and the timing cover is called the crankshaft seal. Its main function is to minimize friction in the crankshaft by containing the grease or oil.  The lubricant also serves to flush out dirt and contaminants that will cause your engine parts to wear down fast.  It is very important to check the crankshaft after the car has reached a certain mileage and replace the crankshaft seal right away when needed. You may notice that there is something wrong with your crankshaft seal if you see an oil trail under the crankshaft damper.


To ensure durability each time a crankshaft is replaced, manufacturers always follow the highest standards in the production of crankshaft seals. The seals undergo a series of tests, subjected to extreme temperatures, and exposed to all kinds of engine fluid. It is very important that the crankshaft seals stand against the most extreme and highly fluctuating conditions to protect the crankshaft in the best possible way.


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