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The head gasket set is very important when it comes to sealing, temperature control, and compression. The head gasket is used to seal the head of the cylinder towards the engine block. When combustion occurs within the cylinder, the head gasket prevents the pressure from escaping out to other parts of the engine. This is also the role of the head gaskets in relation to the flow of oil as the head gaskets seal the passage where oil will be prevented from overflowing and damaging the spark plugs. This ensures prevention and damage to this part of the engine


Aside from sealing the pressure and preventing the oil leak, the head gaskets also prevents the engine from overheating when the vehicle is used for a long time. The heads will allow the heat to pass through the gasket’s material freely. In this way, the heat moves between the engine block and the heads of the cylinder equally. This ensures the high temperature is distributed along the parts of the engine which in turn will prevent the engine from overheating.


The heads also serve as the spacers in between the engine block and cylinder heads. This means the compression is being controlled when the volume size of the cylinder is changed. A variety of head sets are available in our online store.

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