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Manifold gaskets serve as seals to prevent exhausts or intake air from leaking out. Every vehicle contains two manifold gaskets. These are the exhaust manifold gasket and the intake manifold gasket.


The first type leads the exhaust gas out of the combustion chamber through exhaust lines. On the other hand, intake manifold gaskets direct the air to the cylinders to be combined with the fuel in the combustion chamber. Some certain amount of air drawn into the cylinders will charge and will cause a high pressured wave in the manifold runners.


A leaking manifold can result in the vehicle performing poorly. It can damage the environment by means of unhealthy emissions. Any detection of manifold leakage should immediately be treated.


Replacing either intake or exhaust manifold gaskets are done in the same procedure. It must initially be cooled off first. This is done by allowing the engine to rest for about at least 60 minutes.  Manifold mount bolts are then removed by using a wrench. The gasket is detached by removing all the gasket material on the engine and manifold using a putty knife. A new gasket can then be fitted followed by replacing the manifold and tightening its bolts.

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