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The Timing Case gasket set is intended to ensure the quality and longevity of the vehicle’s engine. This set will ensure the function of a gasket in sealing the oil flow between two surfaces. The set ensures a compressive force by utilizing a sufficient load of bolt in order to prevent any leakage of chemicals.


This set is designed to create an initial seal to avoid the possible build-up of oil carbons in the spark plugs due to oil leakage. The set also ensures  long usage in maintaining the seal due to the materials where the set is made from. The set is designed to be installed and replaced easily for future replacements.


Gaskets are intended to seal off both the oil and the pressure created by the high temperature of the engine. If both were not sealed and protected then, a lot of engine issues may occur such as the fouling of spark plugs which may cause pre-ignition problems and carbon build-up within the exhaust. Another engine problem that might occur is the overheating if high amounts of pressure are not contained correctly


Thus, gaskets are used to distribute the amount of pressure all over the engine to prevent such engine problems. Customers searching for a high-quality set of gaskets must ensure the Timing Case gasket set is considered at all times.

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