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The valve stem seals play a vital role within a vehicle’s valve lubrication control and oil consumption. These seals prevent the oil from overflowing in order to make sure that the guides will never be lacking of lubricant or be flooded with oil. This also ensures  the amount of oil that is released between the valve stem and guide is controlled.


Over time as the engine is used, the temperature rises and will begin to affect the seals. Once the seals begins to crack and the oil leaks, the spark plug will be may be affected which may cause a lot of engine problems. This is due to the build-up of oil ashes on the electrodes of the plug. With the accumulation of oily carbon deposits behind the intake valves, some fuel injected engines might hesitate to respond and perform. And so, the build-up of carbon deposits might affect the combustion chamber where compression will be increased causing damage to the engine or pre-ignition issues such as engine detonation.


Oil leaks will also increase the amount of hydrocarbon emission in the exhaust which may cause some issues in emission testing. This could also damage the catalytic converter since phosphorous oil leaks contaminate the catalyst. Wide selections of valve stem seals are available from us online.

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