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Knowing the basic premise of the car’s ignition system is essential because it lights the fuel into the combustion chamber so that the car engine starts. The ignition systems involve different configurations but the operating principles are the same which is to create a low energy and transform it into high energy. Then the energy transfers into secondary ignitions which like the plug wires, cap, rotor and spark plugs.


Understanding the ignition process requires a basic knowledge of physics. The ignition system consists of the Distributor, Ignition Coil, Condenser, Distributor Cap, Contact Set, Glow Plug Relay, Rotor Arm, H T Lead Set and all these are important because they have an essential function in the ignition process. One principle in ignition is the coil over style. There is initial power and its source is from the battery. This process requires a good working order battery because the car won’t start if the voltage is under 12 watts. The second ignition principle is the distributor cap and rotor. The distributor cap along with the rotors are important pieces in this principle because they helps distribute current into the spark plug for the car to ignite. In simple terms the distributor cap is connected to the spark plug and the rotor spins inside the cap.

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