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The ignition coil serves as one of the most important parts within the vehicle’s ignition system. Without the coil, the engine would have difficulties in initiating an ignition when starting up. Hence, the coils must be checked on a regular basis in order to prevent any performance and start-up issues.


Similar to a transformer, the coil serves as the producer of a 12-volt current which operates within the vehicle’s system. At the same time, the coil is capable of absorbing incoming inputs of electricity for necessary conversions. The process starts by taking in a certain amount of electricity from the vehicle’s battery and multiplying it in order to meet the required voltage of the vehicle and by doing so the vehicle will be able to start the engine.



The coil also serves as the electricity supplier that needs a minimal usage of fuel during ignition. This means the engine will be capable of successfully attempting a quick ignition. Having an efficient ignition also ensures that all other parts of the vehicle will function smoothly.


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