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A headlight refers to the forward facing housing that holds the bulbs which illuminates the roadway when driving at night or other adverse lighting situations. There have been many developments and improvements in headlight technology in the last 50 years. Most cars on the road use tungsten-halogen bulbs which produce ample lighting, luxury cars often incorporate the new HID headlight system which is also known as xenon.

Xenon headlights produce much brighter and powerful light which can really illuminate in the darkness of the night. Xenon bulbs can throw light further ahead than tungsten units, making fast driving at night much safer as the driver can see further ahead and has more time to react to any hazards on the road. If you have an older car it is possible to upgrade your headlights to a newer HID headlight which will improve your visibility, depending on the make and model of your car there may or may not be a plug and play unit available. High Intensity Discharge lights require a ballast that must be placed somewhere within the engine bay, in older cars with roomy engine bays this is not a problem as mounting the ballasts to the body is simple.

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