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The fog light is a non-mandatory device, which can be included in every vehicle and serves to increase visibility in poor visibility due to fog. It is completely forbidden to use under normal conditions of visibility because of its enormous power in normal conditions which can dazzle other drivers causing a hazard.


These devices can be front and rear. Today, the front ones need to be white but previously they could also be yellow. These are great to increase visibility of the driver. The rear, red, lights consist of two or only one on the left side which aims to make vehicles more visible to those traveling behind.  These are developed with a high luminous efficiency, which increases active safety when driving by increasing the reaction time to a hazard. Electrical current is passed through a vial containing xenon gas. They emit a brilliant white light that resembles daylight.  


The top fog light will allow you to reduce accidents on the road. These lights are great since they warn of the presence of your vehicle to other users as well as maneuvers to be performed. Standards on lighting devices are out and about, but you need to buy durable and quality lighting. Buycarspares offer Fog lights for most makes and models of vehicle.


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