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Sensors are devices that respond to external stimuli such as light, force, vibration, temperature, sound or magnetic field causing a change in an output signal. This change of the output signal coupled with a suitable electrical circuit including a Knock Sensor can be used for many purposes.


 Most of the sensors can be classified into different groups: Sensors on-off like a switch, Analogue sensors showing an output proportional to the Throttle Body stimulus, and On-off sensors. The latter are also known as yes-no sensors, sensors 0-1, on-off sensors, or binary sensors are generally simple mechanical devices, the most common are: Wheel Speed Sensor that is connected by the proximity of a magnet. Moreover, there is a Steering Column Switch connected to a pendulum switch, where a weight hanging from a wire inside a metal ring and vibration or movement of the ring closure of the circuit produced.


In terms of a Boost Pressure Sensor, ECU, Camshaft Sensor, Heater Control Valve, Idle Control Valve, there is an output proportional to the input signal and can be of many types, when active always draining the coil current of the relay battery. Buy from Car Spare Factors sensors like Lambda Sensor, Air Flow Sensor, Manifold Pressure Sensor (MAP), EGR Valve, Throttle Position Sensor, Crankshaft Sensor, Coolant, temperature Sensor, Air Temperature Sensor, and more!

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