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A camshaft sensor is a vital part of a car that is primarily used in piston engines.. The shape of it is similar to a round rod that has several lobes called “cams” that come push through it. These tiny cams move around in a circular motion and as they get near the poppet valves, they are pushed on with force and open as a result. 


This significant part of the car is linked to the crankshaft; this is due to the fact that a vehicle’s poppet valves open and close precisely with precision timing. The linkage can be managed by a gear mechanism or through the use of a belt. In the case that you discover one of your vehicle’s belts is having difficulty, then there may be a possibility that this could be something to do with your car’s camshaft sensor.


A camshaft sensor’s role is to assist the ignition system in generating a spark and at the same time assisting the fuel system to begin putting in petrol into the volumetric curves of the engine. By doing so, it helps the car’s engine to start and keep on running. If your car accidentally was to break down you may consider checking this as one of the possible causes. We stock Camshaft Sensors for most makes and models of vehicle which can be ordered online.

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