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The coolant temperature sensors are attached to the engine’s block which is the biggest equipment in the bonnet or to the cylinder head. They help in determining the engine coolant’s temperature.  This can also be called a thermistor which is a resistor that helps in varying the value of the voltage output depending on the changes of temperature. This means that when the ECT or the engine coolant temperatures are high there will be a low resistance. Likewise when the ECT is cold or low the resistance will be high.


The coolant temperature sensor is also known as the ECT or Engine coolant temperature and it consists of 2 wires and uses 5 volt references. The coolant temperature sensor reads 0.5 volts or less when cold and when hot it can read about 4 volts. Checking the coolant temperature sensor is also important. You may notice something is wrong with the engine if you see the lights on the dashboard indicating a problem. We stock Coolant Temperature Sensors for most makes and models of vehicle which can be purchased online through this website.

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