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The crankshaft sensor is used to help monitor how the valves and the pistons are working together to ensure that there is good valve timing when the valve opens and closes. It helps in calculating the revolution per minute of the piston. There are different types of crankshaft sensor but the most commonly used one is the Hall Effect sensor. It helps in creating a magnetic field by making a voltage difference in the electrical conductor of the engine. This then helps eliminate the need to have coil and magnets.


Like other engine parts, the crankshaft sensor can also be damaged and burnt out. This can be because of poor crankshaft positioning where it is then exposed to extreme heat when there is an oil leakage and other fluids that go into the sensor. Although this is not noticed in the beginning, the sensor may be worn out over time which can lead to it stopping transmitting signals. If this happens the pistons are affected, along with an acceleration problem and the engine may suddenly stop and not restart. When this happens buy a new crankshaft sensor and it’s always better to consult expert mechanics that could help to diagnose the problem by checking and replacing the faulty sensor

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