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A knock sensor helps you to detect particular knocks in your engine. It was named knock sensor as its appearance is similar to a knob that is attached in a vehicle’s engine.  It is possible to sense certain knocks when you hear a sound similar to marbles hitting against a metal surface.


Knock sensors aim to check the vehicle’s engine’s performance. In the case of a problem they will immediately transmit a warning to the car’s computer also known as the powertrain control module or PCM which is responsible for controlling the engine’s timing. In addition, it has the ability to secure other car parts from the sudden impacts of engine knock. If the knock sensor fails to work as designed then it won’t be able to manage the engine effectively.


Knock sensors also play an important role in a vehicle’s fuel efficiency as they aid in keeping the balance of the car’s timing as well as fuel to air combination. They administer your car’s way of burning fuel and this process makes the quantity of power to the engine as effective as possible . Knock sensors are available for all makes and models of vehicle and they can be purchased online.

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