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TPS or the throttle position sensors are used to determine if the throttle in the internal combustion engine is in place. The throttle position sensor is also called the potentiometer because it sends voltage variable signals into the computer box of your car; it also lets the driver know when the plates are open. It is located in the spindle of the butterfly to ensure easy access when it comes to monitoring the throttle position.


It is important to determine whether the throttle is still functioning well through the throttle position sensor. If there is a faulty TPS then it may result in your car hesitating in which direction or action to take. When a wrong message is sent to the throttle then the fuel may not mix well with the oxygen and the feedback of the sensor. In a worse case scenario it may lead to “idling” position. For this to be corrected, the millimeter is used which is a device that helps in determining the incorrect voltage issued from the TPS or throttle position sensor. With the millimeter, you can see a smooth rise or fall on the display once you open the throttle slowly. Although the millimeter is a recommended gadget for the car, it is still necessary to remember that the Throttle position sensor should also conform to the specifications of the car and the manufacturer.

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