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In order for a power steering to function, there has to be a pump. This pump has vanes within its oval chamber. The operation of the pump is enhanced by the vehicle’s engine, which provides the required motion through a pulley as well as a belt. The spinning of the pump’s vanes suck in hydraulic fluid at a low pressure. In addition, the same motion increases the pressure of this fluid as it leaves the pump. Therefore, the speed of a vehicle’s engine determines the amount of fluid that flows through the pump.


The pump should be designed with some factors being considered. One, the pump should be able to work sufficiently even during the idling time of an engine. Two, the pump needs to have a valve that will reduce the pressure of the pump’s fluid flow during the times that the engine is operating at high speeds. If a power steering pump develops problems, the driver will notice it. Firstly, the driver will start using more muscle power in turning the wheel. Secondly, the pump will produce clicking noises especially when the vanes of the pump break. We stock Power steering Pumps for most makes and models of vehicle which can be ordered online through this website.  We also have a dedicated customer support line should you have any queries just pick up the phone and speak to one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff who will be more than happy to assist in your query.

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