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Steering rod assemblies usually function to convert a driver’s input on a steering wheel to an output of the car turning to either his left or his right. This assembly starts at a steering box and ends at the wheels of a vehicle. There are usually two designs for these car parts. The first one of the front steer design, which has the steering arm placed before the centerline of the axle. The second design is the rear version, which has the arm placed behind an axle’s centerline. Even though there are two different designs, the components of the assemblies are the same.


The result of turning a steering wheel is usually the turning of the pittman arm by the steering box. The pittman arm moves about a single position. A drag link connects this arm to the wheel assembly at the front via a drag link. In addition, this link also provides the connection between the hub assemblies for the two wheels. However, this is achieved via tie rods. Some vehicles include suspensions that have idler arms in the steering rod assemblies. An idler arm also takes part in negotiating a car.


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