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A tie rod is one of the parts that make up a vehicle’s steering mechanism and it supports only tensile loads. This part has two connecting ends. One of them is the inner end whereas the other is the outer end. When the steering wheel turns due to the drivers force, the rack of the system also makes some movements. Consequently, this rod transmits the rack’s movements to the vehicle’s wheels and hence their turning. The outer end of this rod is connected to the adjusting sleeve in order to allow rod’s length to be altered appropriately. The alteration of this length is important in the setting of the alignment angle for a vehicle.


The end of a tie rod can have varying ways of connecting them to the other parts of the steering system. However, it is important to ensure that the connection method does not become the weak link of the system. One way of making these connections is by having the end threaded and passing it via a drilled hole. To ensure the connection is secure a nut screws in the end.


It is also advisable to have these connections and the tie rods checked annually. Sometimes there may be the need to replace the rods especially when their ends wear out in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle. We stock Tie Rod Ends for most makes and models of vehicle .

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