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The suspension system is one of the most fundamental parts of a motor vehicle. Being a system it is also made up of several different parts to make up a whole. These parts, no matter how big or small, hold a very important function. Thus it is crucial not only to regularly check for any signs of wear and tear but to upgrade the parts and use a better material to ensure superior performance, durability, and most importantly, total safety.


One important component that makes up the suspension system is the leaf spring. The leaf spring is a timely design. Modern cars do not use it anymore. However, framed vehicles still find leaf springs very useful. Leaf spring shackles support and hold the leaf spring to keep it in place. A leaf spring shackle kit makes up the several parts of this mounted bracket and is a common element in the rear suspension of SUVs and light trucks.


Spring leaf shackles need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Making do with old, unstable parts is very dangerous. Buying a spring leaf shackle kit is very important because the package comes complete with all the needed parts.

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