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The C V Boot, also known as constant-velocity boot, is the most important part in maintaining the health of a constant-velocity joint. If the boot wears off then the joint may follow. Without the joint the shaft will never be able to transmit the required force towards the wheels. Therefore keeping the boot efficient is the first step in keeping the joint healthy.


The boot is typically made out of rubber. Its purpose is to protect the inside and outside areas of the CV joints. The boot will prevent any external elements that might damage the joints from penetrating. Such external elements are water, pebbles, and other road dirt that could wear off the joints.


Since the boot is made out of rubber it wears out over time forcing it to crack and sometimes ripped off. When this happens the grease of the joints may spread and get mixed with  road dirt. This will caus the joints to be penetrated by the dirt and grease and could cause a lot of issues in the steering and suspension capabilities of the vehicle.


It is therefore essential the boot is always checked in order to prevent any future damage to the joints. Buycarspares stock C V boot’s for most makes and model of vehicle.

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