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The C V joints, also known as constant-velocity joints, are very important for the transmission system of a vehicle. Through the use of these joints, the driveshaft becomes capable of producing a constant rotational movement without any production of heat brought about by friction. By doing so the vehicle is capable of running without overheating easily. Therefore it is essential these joints are maintained and replaced if necessary.


These joints are typically used by all cars. The usage depends upon the type of the vehicle. For instance vehicles that use the rear wheels to run have these joints attached to the ends of their rear axle halfshafts. Yet the usage of these joints focuses mainly on the propshaft. On the other hand there are vehicles that use these joints in all four halfshafts or In other words there are joints all over the driveshafts from the front towards the rear of the vehicle.


It is important to remember that these joints are enclosed within boots that are made out of rubber. These protective rubbers are called gaiters which can crack over time. If the gaiters cracks then the joint itself will begin to wear off. We stock C V Joints for most makes and models of vehicle which can be purchased through this website.

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