Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope 4 Channel
Digital Automotive Analyser 12 Function with IC
Automotive Battery/Alternator Voltage Tester 12V
Pocket Multimeter

WAS £25.03

NOW £20.86

Open & Short DC Circuit Detector 6-42V
Clip-On Ammeter 75-0-75Amp
Clip-On Ammeter 30-0-30Amp
Battery Carrier

WAS £20.28

NOW £16.90

Professional Battery Drop Tester 6/12V - Polarity Free
Memory Master - Memory Saver & Battery Tester 12V
Diagnostic Socket Memory Safe - EOBD 12V
QuadMeter Automotive Analyser
Alternator Freewheel Removal Set 13pc
Radio Release Master Tool Set 46pc
Ratchet Crimping Tool Kit 1001pc - Reversible Jaws
Battery Drop Tester 6/12V
Voltmeter & Ammeter 6-24V
Battery Support Unit & Charger 12V-25A/24V-12.5A
Battery Terminal Crimping Tool
Battery Terminal Puller
Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner 4-Way
Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner
Battery Fluid Tester Tube Type
Battery Fluid Filler
Battery Fluid Tester Dial Type
Battery/Alternator Tester 12V LED
Digital Battery Tester 12V
Digital Battery & Alternator Tester 12V
Battery Drop Tester 12V

WAS £160.64

NOW £133.87

Battery Tester 6/12V Hand-Held
Battery Tester 6/12V Hand-Held
Digital Battery Tester 12V
Digital Battery Tester with Printer 6/12V
Digital Battery & Alternator Tester with Printer 12V
Digital Battery & Alternator Tester with Printer
Digital Battery & Alternator Tester 6-12V Battery 6, 12, 24V Alternator
Digital Battery Tester 6/12V
Wire Stripping Tool Automatic

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